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The Blind Side

I went to see The Blind Side last night and it was amazing to say the least. I was soo excited to see this movie and it delivered beyond what I expected. I really can’t say enough about this movie, it was funny, sad, sweet, happy, nerve-racking, but beyond that it showed the true story of a Christian family that was very selfless with their wealth.

The story is about the Touhy family, a husband, wife and two perfect children. They go to a private Christian school and live the good life. They take in a poor black boy, named Michael Oher, who is homeless and has lived a hard life with a neglectful mother. Basically the family begins to love Michael and eventually adopts him. Michael goes out for the high school football and after learning how to play the game becomes an all-star (while becoming pretty smart at the same time).

The story was very touching because both Michael Oher and Leigh Anne Touhy (the mother) are very brave characters. They both have their separate troubles and help each other become even better people. Throughout the movie the two things that really stuck out were how lovely and well-mannered Michael was despite his rough childhood, and how selfless and welcoming Leigh Anne was.

It was a fantastic movie, that has lots of football for the men and lots of gushy, sweet moments for the ladies. The cast was absolutely phenomenal. Sandra Bullock as Leigh Anne was downright awesome and it was nice to see her in a more serious role. Surprisingly Tim McGraw, the country singer, can act too. He played the father. The brother and sister, SJ and Collins, are played by actors Jae Head and Lily Collins. They did a great job as supportive roles, especially SJ, he was a steal-the-spotlight character.

Final words: SEE THIS MOVIE!!



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