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Pieces of April

So I logged onto hulu.com tonight to see if there were any new episodes of my favorite TV shows. After being sorely disappointed I clicked on the movie section and 2003’s Pieces of April was the first thing to pop up. I decided it had been long enough and I would reacquaint myself with the movie. I am very pleased that I did.

The movie starring Katie Holmes and Patricia Clarkson was way better than I remembered. It was a somewhat depressing movie up until the last 5 minutes. Katie’s character April hasn’t gotten along with her family for as long as any of them can remember. One could say April was quite the rebel growing up. She is hosting Thanksgiving this year and wants her family to visit and mend some of those broken bridges.

Drama ensues in the form of a broken oven, a cancer-ridden mother who has a flair for being melodramatic, creepy neighbors, etc. The character development in this movie was phenomenal. We find out a lot about the characters and their backgrounds through their interactions. They are all very sensitive but one wouldn’t think that at first glance. The movie was written and directed by Peter Hedges. Hedges has had quite the career so far, having written Dan in Real Life (very good), About a Boy, and What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. If you like any of those movies, or just like a good drama every once in a while the quick 80 minutes that is Pieces of April will be worth your time.



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