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It’s Alive

On Friday I watched the 2008 flick It’s Alive. It was a remake of the 1974 film of the same name. It was horrendous, but at the same time entertaining because it was so silly.

The plot is about a woman named Lenore, played by Bijou Phillips, who is pregnant. She leaves school to have the child with her husband/boyfriend (we don’t know which), and the baby is born a killer. Pretty basic but there’s something about a newborn baby killing 4 adults minutes after being born that goes beyond any suspension of disbelief I have. The movie became humorous after a while because of how ridiculous they made the killer baby. The baby would leave its crib to kill all sorts of animals like cats, birds, rabbits and eventually killed any person that pissed it off. The ending was also very unfulfilling but I won’t spoil that.

There was some suspense because the viewer doesn’t get to see the baby until the last few minutes. They could have made the monster baby a lot scarier. The best part of the movie was definitely seeing the baby’s hand smash its way through a skull and come out the other side. The viewer also gets background information on why Lenore’s baby is born evil which was kind of cool.

The movie was adapted from the 1974 screenplay by Larry Cohen. Cohen has been in the business since the late 1950s and has written movies like Cellular (awesome flick), Body Snatchers, and Phone Booth.

The movie had an uncanny resemblance to Grace, a movie I reviewed awhile ago, in just about every aspect. It’s evident Grace borrowed the plot of It’s Alive, but neither movie did a very good job. This plot is one that should never be remade again, ever.



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