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Albino Farm

albino farm

This past weekend I watched a terrible movie called Albino Farm. I really didn’t want to write about it on here because the movie was so bad, but if I can save one person from wasting their time than I will have done my job. The movie was written and directed by Joe Anderson and Sean McEwen. There were no well-known actors in the film, except for a small part by wrestler Chris Jericho (that alone says something).

The movie is about a town in Missouri that has a hidden legend about a ‘farm’ where mutants were kept and not let out. A group of four college-aged students are doing a project about rural history and want to examine and find out more about the legend. The four actors were soo bad and if their goal was to be the most obnoxious characters ever, they acheived that. Basically they go to the farm and three of the four are killed/eaten by the mutants. One survives but ends up going crazy. There were religious overtones throughout the movie.

This movie could have had potential if they had focused less on the college students and more on the town’s legend. The legend was glossed over with a one-sentence summary. Just don’t see it…it’s bad.



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