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Paranormal Activity

Paranormal Activity

On Friday I finally went to see Paranormal Activity. I was super excited to see this movie because I love, love, love scary movies. There was tons of hype surrounding this movie and I was excited that I would finally see a movie that actually scared me, since movies usually don’t. Well, I was sorely disappointed.

This movie is really not scary. It is formulaic and you know when something is about to happen. The only scary part came within the last 5 minutes. The plot line was definitely creepy. The way that it was executed throughout the film was also creepy, it just wasn’t scary. I really enjoyed the acting and the way the viewer gets to know the characters and therefore can really feel sorry for them as the haunting gets worse. The movie was definitely a slow-build. I wanted to see more action with the demon. Once the demon got really heated up the movie finally got exciting. I wish the pace of the movie had started quicker and just picked up from there.

Overall, an okay movie that wasn’t scary at all. Good plot line but the pace is entirely too slow. I would not see the movie again.




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