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In the Bedroom

in the bedroom

I recently screened the 2001 film In the Bedroom directed by Todd Field. This was my second time viewing the film and it is wonderful! One word to describe this film: TENSE.

The movie is about a soon-to-be-divorced woman played by Marisa Tomei. She does such a wonderful job portraying the confident, yet vulnerable Natalie. She is dating a much younger man, Nick Stahl’s character Frank. Spoiler: Natalie’s abusive husband kills Frank.

In steps the real tension. There is a lot between Natalie and Frank’s parents. His parents, Ruth and Matt, are played by actors Tom  Wilkinson and Sissy Spacek. So as you can see the cast was stacked! Besides tension between Natalie and the parents, there is a lot of tension between the parents themselves. They both blame each other for Frank’s death, before finally coming together to better understand the situation. There is understandable tension between the killer, Richard and the family whose son he murdered.

Matt Fowler, father of the deceased, is faced with a really tough decision to make. Does he take revenge into his own hands, or leave it up to the legal system? Well he certainly does one of those two, which I will be kind and not reveal to you. But the viewer really empathizes with Matt and understands why he makes his choice.

The director Todd Field has acted in a wide range of T.V. and film. He has directed a handful of movies, including the 2006 hit Little Children (which I highly recommend).



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