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Me You Them


So I screened the film Eu Tu Eles, a.k.a. Me You Them for a class and I wasn’t impressed. The plot line is a very sad story about a woman who has four children all from different men. Darlene is the main character and she marries Osias, a cold man who treats her like a work-horse. Darlene ends up sleeping with three different men while married and has children from all of them. All of the men and children live in the same home as Darlene and Osias in Northeast Brazil. Osias is either oblivious throughout most of the movie, or just doesn’t care that his wife is sleeping around. I kept trying to figure out Darlene’s motives but she didn’t seem to have any. She just liked sleeping with numerous men and having their babies.

It may have been because the movie is Brazilian but there wasn’t much character development other than the superficial things the viewer finds out. By the end of the film all I knew about Darlene was she is unhappy about life, loves birthing children and likes the thrill of sleeping with new men. The viewer finds out more about the male characters. Osias and his cousin, Zezinho who also impregnates Darlene, both seem to be in love with Darlene for different reasons. Osias just likes having a woman to control and boss around. Zezhino really does love Darlene and is hurt when she sleeps with Ciro, another baby-daddy. The movie ends with Osias registering all of the children as his known, and I don’t know if his motive is sincere or not, but I want to think it is.



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