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This weekend I also watched the film Orfeu for a class I’m taking about Brazil. The movie is from 1999 and was directed by Carlos Diegues, who has directed around 20 films.

The story is about a samba singer who lives in a poor part of Rio de Janerio. His name is Orfeu and he is very well-known. He is a popular man among the women and is basically a player. He meets a sweet girl named Euridice and falls for her. This all takes place during the traditional Carnival festival, with parades and costumes.

Tempers flare between past lovers, drug dealers and the police. Things escalate and people end up dead. It was a very enjoyable flick and was easy to follow. It was depressing at the end because characters died that didn’t deserve it, and others lived that were really bad people.

What made it so depressing in the end, was all of the character development throughout the movie. I really became invested in the characters. Themes of love, family, difficulties of the drug world, and the struggle of wanting to leave the slums for a better life are all intermingled throughout Orfeu.



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