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Well, as I said I did watch two subpar movies last night and here’s the first of the two…Grace. The movie was written and directed by Paul Solet.

The movie has a very creepy plot but the film itself wasn’t nearly as creepy as it needed to be. It’s about a woman named Madeline and her husband who finally become pregnant after years of trying. There’s a car accident, the husband dies and Madeline is injured. She gives birth to a stillborn baby a few weeks later and somehow wills it back to life.

In steps the creepiness. The baby (while very cute) starts attracting flies, gets a weird rash, oh and only drinks her mother’s blood. This is where the plot started to lack in substance. The last hour of the movie is just about the mother feeding the baby. There’s not much explanation or action. Eventually the mother tries to find other sources of blood for her baby, including cows and another human. The ending was extremely weak and disappointing.

What the film did do well was establishing Madeline’s character and the type of person she was. Madeline is a passionate vegan who really wants to be a good mother. After trying so hard to get pregnant, it is understandable that she becomes so attached to the baby and will do anything to keep it alive. The viewer does sympathize some for Madeline because we can see her struggle. She knows what she’s doing is wrong but the love for her baby surpasses that.

Actress Jordan Ladd, who plays the mother, has been in other ‘quality’ flicks such as Club Dread, Cabin Fever and Death Proof.



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