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Eastern College


September 15 director James Francis Flynn visited his Alma mater of Miami University to screen his first film Eastern College. The film won the Audience Award for Best Narrative Feature Film at the 2nd Annual Oxford International Film Festival in 2008. The film was also screened at the Queens International Film Festival in 2008.

I got the pleasure of viewing the film with a crowd of around 20…and the film was great. Basically it’s about four friends who just graduated from the Eastern program (a take on Western College). With the addition of a new university president, the program from which they graduated is under fire. The students ban together with a professor in hopes of saving the program. Spoiler alert: they don’t succeed. That was a small part of the film, it was mainly a comedy about drugs, sex, and friendships.

One character, Nathan (played by Jonathan Dicks) is the sensitive, quiet type and he works the hardest to save Eastern College. He is by far the most mature of his friends but because of his shy personality the viewer doesn’t learn too much about him. The character Justin (played by Noah Applebaum) was by far my favorite. He seems like the big party guy who doesn’t care about anyone, but you find out he’s a virgin and more sensitive than he originally let on. There were two main other characters, Bob and Dom, whose main roles were to play the sex-crazed party types.

It’s mainly about the parties the guys hosted during their last summer together after college. There are some touching moments, and some flat-out hysterical moments (involving pooped pants). Overall a funny film that you don’t have to think real hard about…mainly due to lack of depth.

For more information on the flick, visit http://www.myspace.com/easterncollege



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