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On September 26, I viewed Shane Acker’s 9. I really enjoyed this movie and highly recommend it. I don’t usually like animated films but this one was so well done, I eventually forgot I was even watching an animated movie. The graphics were amazing, you could really see the detail that was put into this … Continue reading


I recently had the pleasure of viewing the movie Coraline written and directed Henry Selick. Selick has directed films like James and the Giant Peach and The Nightmare Before Christmas, so he knows how to do creepy children’s movies very well! The story line is about a girl, Coraline, whose family just moves into a … Continue reading

Fair Haired Child

I watched Fair Haired Child recently, one film from the 2006 “Masters of Horror” series. It was a very odd movie, but managed to keep my interest the entire time. Basically it’s about a girl, Tara, who’s kidnapped and taken a few states over. She is kept in the basement of a house and meets … Continue reading

Eastern College

September 15 director James Francis Flynn visited his Alma mater of Miami University to screen his first film Eastern College. The film won the Audience Award for Best Narrative Feature Film at the 2nd Annual Oxford International Film Festival in 2008. The film was also screened at the Queens International Film Festival in 2008. I … Continue reading

My first blog

I originally¬†created this blog as part of an Online Journalism course I took. I wanted to create a film blog because film is my number one interest. I love watching, dissecting, discussing and studying everything related to film. Now I update this after all my new viewings, with critiques of my favorites and classics sprinkled … Continue reading

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